A famous ethnologist once said that if Laos' wealth was measured by its ethnic diversity, it would be a very rich country indeed. Laos is home to over 49 officially recognized ethnic groups, the majority of whom are found in the mountainous regions of Northern Laos. It is one of Asia's poorest nations, but Laos and its spirit are magical and unforgettable; the people are serene, kind-hearted, and talented!

Laotian Weaver

Our Materials

Lanten, Oma, Akha, Yao and Hmong weavers create cotton and indigo-based textiles. They are incredibly skilled with an artisanal history that dates back hundreds of years. Our bag collection features silk/cotton textiles that were handcrafted using traditional techniques in the village of Ban Phanom. We also are using naturally dyed, handwoven raw silk textiles for straps on our necklaces. This stunning material was purchased directly from a small village in Laos that still exhibits full cycle silk worm production. They grow the silk worms, harvest the fiber, dye it with plants and minerals, then complete the weaving! This is becoming a way of the past as silk worms are difficult to keep and the entire process is incredibly labor intensive!