Indonesia is an archipelago nation composed of over 17,508 islands and nearly 238 million people. It is an ecologists dream replete with exotic plants and animals.  The people are as genuine as they are wondrous. It is also a land of stark contradictions: of modern cities and primitive villages. 

Our Materials

We travelled over 8,000 miles to Indonesia searching for Ikat textiles. After weeks of searching we are now delighted to have a beautiful small collection of Bags featuring traditional Indonesian Ikat textiles handwoven on the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. These textiles are produced by hand and dyed using all-natural plant-based pigments. Each textile can take a woman weaver up to 12 months to create. The Indonesian term "Ikat" or "Mengikat" means "to tie" and is a very complex combination of resist-dye and old-world weaving techniques.