Himalayas Himalayas

On our adventure to the Himalayan region of Nepal, we encountered colorful landscapes, remote villages, and historically opulent cultures. Everything shimmered during our visit as if seen for the first time. We shared plates of the most delicious Daal Baht with locals, gazed upward with exhileration upon our first glimpse of the mountains, and watched barefoot children kick a makeshift ball around until long after sunset. There were a very high number of Tibetan refugees in the country, adding broad, contagious smiles, and peaceful diversity everywhere we went.

Himalayan Artisans 

Our Materials

"Dzi" Stones, as they are called in Tibet, are agate amulet's worn by men and women for good health, luck, and happiness. They are renowned for having positive spiritual effects and are sometimes used for medicinal purposes. The meaning of the Tibetan word translates to "clearness", or "splendor." We sourced some of these rare agate's for our jewelry, along with some stunning spider-web Tibetan Turquoise and Naga Tribal Beads.