What is your return policy?

We will gladly accept returns within 14 days of original purchase date with a receipt and/or original tags, as long as the product is in unworn condition. Returns are good for exchange or store credit only. Sorry, no refunds. 

How do you decide where you visit?

The more that we travel outside of the United States, the more we realize how vast and incredibly diverse the world is.  We feel that travelling abroad is the best education one can receive. It is always a difficult decision for us to select one place above another, to visit here instead of there, but the mainspring of our choosing ultimately comes from the research that we do as to a culture's artisanal history. Photos of elders weaving on traditional looms are what spark up interest, not pretty landscapes or white, sandy-beaches.  It is with our mission in mind, above-all, that we select where we go. The stories of the people we purchase from, and an inspiring glimpse into their rich culture, is what we wish to absorb and bring back with us to share, not a tan or cheap souvenirs.  

Where are you going this year?

For Winter 2016 we are revisiting the lucidly colorful Mayan weaving communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

Are you Fair-Trade Certified?

Because many of our products are produced domestically, and because we are travelling to purchase our materials directly from artisans and weavers, we do not fit the fair-trade qualifications.  However, we feel that we are doing more than just "fair-trading".  We happily pay whatever price artisans are asking to eliminate any middle-man party that takes a percent or consignment.  This creates an intimate, personal connection as well, one that we feel is vitally important to our business.  We produce all of our bags, jewelry, and apparel here in Portland, striving to also stimulate the local economy.  Be that as it may, we do carry a number of other brands in our shop that are fair-trade certified and eco-friendly!