We personally test all of our sterling silver jewelry for authenticity, and to assure that it is 100% Nickel-Free!

We love bronze! It's an alloy made of copper and tin, has a beautiful warm tone, and is an affordable alternative to rose gold. Bronze looks fabulous mixed with Sterling and other metals

We cast in bronze because we can offer affordable large statement-pieces that have a rose gold feel but without the cost.

Everybody reacts differently to Bronze. Some people will find that the copper content in bronze will cause an oxidation reaction with thier skin-oils, creating a slight green layer of copper carbonate.  This layer is easily washed off, and you can minimize the oxidation by taking your jewelry off at night, not washing your hands with rings on and avoid wearing your jewelry when you are sweating. You can also periodically coat it with any metal wax, or Renaissance Wax, which prevents the jewelry from tarnishing and inhibits the oxidation reaction with your skin oils. Wax will wear off, but is easy to re-apply at home.

Our preferred easy fix is to coat the inside of your ring with clear nail polish, which creates a moisture barrier that prevents oxidation. Clear nail polish also has to be reapplied periodically but it is a super quick and easy remedy.

Pendants worn over your clothes won't oxidize because they aren't in contact with your sweat or skin oils.

With a little extra care, most people can wear bronze jewelry every day without oxidation. 
We think the benefits of bronze far outweigh the drawback, and happily wear our bronze pieces every day!

To help your jewelry last a long time while looking its best, take it off before you go to bed, and especially when swimming or bathing. This will prevent scratching, wear and tear on delicate chains, oil and dirt build-up. Do NOT wash any jewelry that has a stone setting or inlay work. Water acts as a corrosive and can shorten the lifespan of the stone setting.

Our Polished Bronze jewelry will develop a rich gold patina over time. If this is not to your taste, you may restore shine with Worcestershire sauce! Dip the piece into the sauce for a minute, then thoroughly rinse in water. The acidity of the sauce will help remove tarnish. You can also maintain the finish of your bronze jewelry by polishing with a jewelry cloth, available for purchase at most hardware stores for around $5.