Someway, somehow, Courtney talked(tricked) me into filming this HGTV show. "But they want to film in the store!", she kept imploring me. So I gave in. It was fun, the shop was scintillating in front of the lens, and Courtney got to wear all of her favorite jewelry on primetime, network Television. What more could a girl ask for? -Murph

A Throwback to 2011. Before the flagship WL+WH Brick-and-Mortar was even a glimmer in Courtney's eye(or maybe it was....Yea, it was). This behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot showcases one of the original collections! Old school. -Murph

As long as I've known her, Courtney has had a hopeless affinity for the stunning colors of Abalone. She brought me to her secret spot, a lovely cove along the coast, where we now go every year to bring shells back to the studio and shop. It's the nearest thing to a treasure hunt I've ever experienced. Now she has to drag me away! -Murph